Come Play With Fitness DAWGS

The Fitness DAWGS, Fido, Chill, FooFoo, FeeFee, Boxer and Brittany, are friends and live in the same neighborhood. When Zeus decides to open a new gym in the neighborhood, they all want to join for different reasons. Fido, Brittany and Boxer already know what sports they are interested in, while Chill, who loves to play video games all day, has to be encouraged to work out. Foo Foo loves to eat junk food and fast food but is willing to change his eating habits to impress Brittany, and Fee Fee wants to join the gym because she wants to lose weight or shed some dog pounds. Join them as they embark on fitness and healthy eating journeys.

Meet The Fitness DAWGS

Diet And Workout = Great Success!


Fido is an extremely athletic Pitbull


Zeus is a Chinese Shar Pei who opened a


FeeFee is an Old English Sheep Dog


FooFoo is an Old English Sheep Dog who


Chill is a very laid back Beagle.


Brittany is a Brittany dog. She loves to be


Boxer is a hyperactive Boxer dog with