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The Fitness DAWGS wants you to join them on the journey to a healthier lifestyle. Whether working out at the Dog Pound Gym with Zeus or playing in the neighborhood, Fido, Brittany, Boxer, Fee Fee, Foo Foo, and Chill enjoys being physically active. Check out the website and learn more about each of the Fitness DAWGS, play games, and even get some Fitness DAWGS gear.

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The FAL is a helpful tool that lets you keep track of your eating and excercise habits!

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Here is the story of the Fitness Dawgs! The Fitness DAWGS, Fido, Chill, FooFoo, FeeFee, Boxer and Brittany, are friends and live in the same neighborhood. When Zeus decides to open a new gym in the neighborhood, they all want to join for different reasons. Fido, Brittany and Boxer already know what sports they are interested in, while Chill, who loves to play video games all day, has to be encouraged to work out.


Join us as we embark on this exciting fitness and healthy eating journey.

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